20 fabulous kids room decorating ideas from this Insta #

Got kids? Then, you’re probably looking for decorating ideas
to make the most of your kids room.

If so, drop everything and do a quick search on your Instagram
for the hashtag #ikeahacksforkids.
The hashtag is so fun to follow, with lots of amazing kids rooms
and decorating ideas to spiff up the tiny tot’s room. At last
count, there are 906 over posts on the tag. And I’m sure,

kids room decorating ideas

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Let’s take a look at some of the amazing kids room decorating
ideas from Instagram #ikeahacksforkids.

Kids play rooms and storage

I love this one by @kate decorates.
The poster sums it up. A 5×5 KALLAX
anchors the playroom and provides storage for books, games and
toys. The numbered bins are from Crate
and Barrel

Another winning playroom, with the EKET drawers on top of legs.

Bright, bold and full of fun best describes this playroom.

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Good evening! 🌈 I did a big room tour of Indy’s room design yesterday and
a load of kids’/playroom Q&A’s, all of which if you missed
it are now tucked away at the top there in highlights 👆🏻 . As it’s hibernation season and we’ve had some
work done on the house I’m getting my interiors mojo back! It’s
been a while since we’ve done any home updates – I love doing
stuff to the house but find it exhausting after a while and
obviously so much🤑🤑🤑 so can’t be at all the time. This is probably why my
attempt at an interiors profile didn’t last very long, at least 2
weeks I think🤪 Not very good at consistency or staying in boxes. Sorry
Instagram algorithm 🙄🙄 . I’m just about to start Chernobyl – anyone seen it? I
hear it’s amazing and very depressing. This should be cheery
start to the autumn! Off I go! . #autumnvibes🍁 #roominspo #kidsinteriors #kidsroomdesign
#kidsroomchallenge #kidsroom #girlsroom #playroomideas
#playfulunteriors #kidsstyle #polkadot #ikeahacks #ikeakids
#ikeahacksforkids #toystorage #toyorganisation #playroomdecor
#playroomorganization #playroomstorage

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A serene play and reading nook, with the KALLAX and EKET(?) unit
forming the corner bench.

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Guten Morgen aus dem Kinderzimmer. Die Jungs sind heute erkältet
zuhause geblieben und es läuft ein Hörspiel während ich ein
bisschen räume. Hier ist noch längst nicht alles fertig. Zwei
Wände müssen noch tapeziert werden, es fehlt Farbe, eine
Fensterbank und noch einiges mehr. Da wir hier alles selbst machen
braucht es ein wenig Geduld. Der Gemütlichkeitstest ist aber schon
bestanden 👍🏼 Während es draußen regnet, spielen die Kinder
hier drinnen und sind bestimmt bald wieder gesund.
___________werbung____________ #interiordesign #interiør
#kinderzimmer #kinderzimmerideen #kidsroom #familytime #mamaof3
#boysroom #meinikea #sanftermorgentau #nordichome #nordichome
#playroominspo #homesweethome #nordicliving #interior4you1
#interiorinspirations #ikeahacksforkids #jungenzimmer #spielecke

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A cheerful nursery that’ll be just as comfortable for mommy,
daddy and the kids. The DIGNITET curtain wire is all ready
for the kids artwork or photos. Complete the room with
SANDARED pouffes.

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🌞 S U N N Y S P A C E S 🌞 I used to think I sometimes spent more time in the play
room when our children were small than the children! Often setting
them up with an activity as I chatted with my friend only to
realise they had long disappeared from the play room and were
somewhere else… So when I decorate a clients’ playroom I always
make sure it’s a happy space for any member of the family to
relax in – baby or granny and anyone in between! No wipe clean
fabrics or plastic furniture in sight in this cheerful room I
completed at the beginning of this month for a young family in need
of a comfortable welcoming space to PLAY! @ikeauae featuring
heavily as it’s so practical and hardwearing but with subtle
hacks and some investment soft furnishings the room has unique
qualities. We chose a playful @scionfabrics wallpaper arranged by
@stylelibraryme with a neural background to add interest and depth
but that’s not overpowering and a bespoke wall to wall soft
carpet edged with a wool trim. The toys will add their own
decoration and I fashioned wire curtain rails to display the
children’s artwork that can be rotated over time. This room will
grow with the children and also be a calm place to relax for Mum
when the kids are at school or having a nap! Other side of the room
coming soon 📸 . . . . . . . . . #playroom #childrensplaces
#childrensspaces #sunnyspaces #blueandyellow #ikea
#ikeahacksforkids #kidstyle #kidsroom #artdisplay
#mycurrentdesignsituation #katsinteriorstyle #colourmyhome
#colourpop #yellowchair #interiordesign #interiorstyling
#interiordesigner #interiorstylist #stylinginteriors
#interiorsaddict ☀❄☀❄☀❄☀❄☀❄☀❄☀❄☀❄☀❄☀❄☀❄

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Kids room beds

An amazing VW bed by @babywohnbar. Under all
that awesomeness is a trusty KURA
. See the tutorial

How pretty is this house bed? Dani of @gingered_things
made this charming bed with NORDLI bed with storage as its base.
Then, wood all the way up. See the house bed hack

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Es ist so weit 😍😍😍 Ich hab endlich den Artikel zu dem neuen Bett meiner
Tochter auf dem Blog gestellt. Ich hoffe es gefällt euch singt wie
uns ☺ Ich freu mich schon auf all eure Kommentare dazu. Das ein
oder andere Detail fehlt noch, aber ich werde es noch ergänzen
sobald alles fertig ist. Habt ihr auch schon einmal ein Bett oder
ein größeres Möbelstück gebaut? Es ist so aufregend! Nicht
perfekt, aber einzigartig und selbst gemacht. Nichts kann einen
stolzer machen ☺☺☺ #gingeredthings #diy #diyblog #diyblogger #diyblogger_de
#kinderzimmer #hausbett #kinderkamer #kidsroom #doityourself
#makersgonnamake #psimadethis #holzliebe #woodworker #solebich
#ikeahacks #ikeahacksforkids #ikeanordli #meinikea
@ikeahackersofficial #ikeaideas

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A platform for play and sleep. How cool! Most of the built-in
parts are IKEA, including the KALLAX unit there. The pull out bed
(swipe to see), however, is not IKEA.

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•Werbung•da Verlinkung•alles selbstbezahlt! In den letzten
zwei Wochen war hier einiges los… ich total krank, muss aber
trotzdem funktionieren. Pläne für eine kleine Baustelle stehen
– soll aber auch zeitig fertig werden. Dana Sportunfall – zwei
Tage über Stunden in der Notaufnahme u natürlich muss Mama dabei
sein 😬 aber egal mein Mann kann ! Er hat während dessen meinen
Wunsch für Luis sein Zimmer erfüllt und ich bin so mächtig stolz
auf ihn, er hat es genauso gebaut wie ich es in meinem Kopf hatte
❤ Danke Die verbauten Teile stammen fast alle vom Ikea, nur
die unter Konstruktion nicht u das Bettgestell Luis liebt sein
neues Podest mit integrierten Bett so sehr 🥰 ________________ #diy #handwerken #bauen #ikeahacks
#ikeahacksdiy #ikeahack #ikeahacksforkids #playroom #kinderzimmer
#babyboy #kallax #haba #class #koziol #jabadabado #bauenmitholz
#bauenfürkinder #stauraum #Podest #spielpodest #meinmannkann
#kidsroom #interiors #kidsinteriors #toniebox #tonie

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Kids study desks

A little desk area for the little one, using the STUVA bench as a desk top, paired
with FLISAT stools. The
SKÅDIS pegboard
to hold up the colouring paper and materials.
(The bookshelf though, I suspect is a DIY. You may be able to do
something similar with the FLISAT

Lots of table top space to play, write and draw. TROFAST storage
and adjustable table legs prop up the corner desk. See a
TROFAST kids desk hack

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20 fabulous kids room decorating ideas from this Insta #