A ‘Floating’ Glass House Asks $7.5M in Dallas

An exterior view of a Dallas, Texas, home for sale that is lit up at dusk. The long horizontal home has a reflecting in front with trees and grass on the side.The
house’s glassy rectilinear forms is emphasized in a front
reflecting pool. | Photos by Stephen Reed and Costa Christ Media

The 2017 home has serious Farnsworth House vibes.

Price: $7,495,000 Location:
Dallas, Texas

Nestled between mature oak trees,
11345 West Ricks Circle
is located in the North Dallas
neighborhood of Hillcrest Estates, where sprawling houses come
equipped with pools and leafy backyards. The 2.2-mile Northaven
Trail located just a block to the south is a popular spot for the
community, bringing together runners, joggers, and walkers; an
eastward expansion of the trail is set to begin this year. The

North Dallas dining scene
may not be as happening as districts
closer to downtown, but you’ll find neighborhood gems like
long-running Royal China and TJ’s Seafood Market & Grill a
five-minute drive south — plus a Torchy’s Tacos outpost in a
Whole Foods–anchored shopping center a four-minute drive

Specs: 3 beds, 2.2 baths, 6,325 square feet, 1.33 acres

Designed by local architect Joshua Nimmo with interior design by
William Nash, this 2017-built home was inspired by Mies van der
Rohe’s Farnsworth House and its iconic use of glass and steel.
The single-story home took some 60 tons of steel to build and was
constructed on a five-foot-deep basement with cantilevered I beams
to create the illusion that it’s floating. Inside, rectangular
rooms feature double-insulated glass walls, concrete-overlay
floors, and acoustic ceilings to cut down on the sound that bounces
off all the glossy surfaces. The kitchen has nut-tree cabinets that
hide an integrated Miele fridge and freezer and a full-height
pantry. The modular bedrooms incorporate pivot and pocket doors so
you can have either two masters or an extra office.

Notable feature: 40 slabs of marble

In the entry room, a central cube made of Italian Calacatta
marble (and wrapped in recessed lighting) houses the coat closet
and powder room. Marble is also incorporated in the kitchen (on the
large island), the study (the custom desktop), and in the covered
terrace’s wood-burning fireplace.

An exterior view of a ranch house with overhanging roof and large footprint. There are floating staircases.Enter
through a glass door at the top of floating steps clad with
limestone. A white couch sits in a living room with a kitchen in the background. There are glass walls on both sides. In
the living room, double-insulated glass walls frame views of oak
trees on three sides. A kitchen with a white marble island and brown cabinets on the right.The
kitchen features nut-tree cabinets, a Calacatta marble island, and
concrete floors.A large marble cube sits behind a black table with white chairs. In
the dining room, a central marble cube hides a coat closet and
powder room. An office with desk, concrete floors, built-in bookshelves, a chair, and glass windows that look out onto a pool.The
office has a white marble desk, built-in shelves, and views of a
circular black granite pool.An exterior view of a house with overhanging room and glass walls that look into the bedroom.Outside
a bedroom, an overhanging roof creates a patio to view the
property’s natural fern ground cover and oak trees.

Source: FS – All – Architecture 10
A ‘Floating’ Glass House Asks .5M in Dallas