Bunker-like house blends seamlessly into the landscape

House with green roof built into side of hill.Joao

Redefining underground home

Like a bunker meets land art, this
atmospheric residence in Monsaraz, Portugal
, has an unusually
intimate relationship with its surroundings. Designed by
Lisbon-based architect Aires
, the house is
built into the side of a hill
overlooking a lake.

It’s hard to make out the shape of the home because it blends
in so seamlessly. The roof is disguised by dirt and greenery,
interrupted only by three circular cut outs that serve as interior
courtyards. Below, the single-floor underground house juts out of
the hillside into a dramatically curved cantilever that looks like
a piece of the house has been carved out of the land with a giant
ice cream scoop.

Inside, the walls are clad in pale wood and the floor and
ceiling echo the exterior with their brushed concrete. Furnishings
are kept to a minimum, or put away in storage when not in use, as
to not disturb the beauty of the structural form.

Curved concrete cantilever jutting out of side of hill.Joao
Guimaraes Open living space with cantilevering concrete canopy leading to outdoor space.
Joao Guimaraes

Corridor with raw timber walls and concrete floor and ceiling.Joao
White, circular courtyard.Joao

Source: FS – All – Architecture 10
Bunker-like house blends seamlessly into the landscape