Divided Hayward council rejects Costco gas station

HAYWARD — The City Council has rejected a proposal from Costco
to build a service station at its store on Hathaway Avenue.

The proposal, which the council considered Tuesday, called for
demolishing an existing 8,850 square-foot vacant tire center and
building a 9,350- square-foot canopy above 24 pumps, as well as for
new landscaping.

The north Hayward Costco business center at 22330 Hathaway Ave.
borders the heavily trafficked A Street and is just a quarter-mile
from Interstate 880.

The neighborhood already has multiple service stations,
Councilman Mark Salinas said.

“I am just not convinced (we need) another gas station on A
Street,” he said.

Councilwoman Sara Lamnin said approving the station would run
against the city’s goals to promote environmentally friendly

“I also think we don’t need to push for more gas
stations,” Lamnin said. “We are trying to push for a greener

If the station had been approved, construction was scheduled to
begin in January and to be completed in April 2021.

Check back for details. This is a developing story.

Source: FS – All – Real Estate News 1
Divided Hayward council rejects Costco gas station