From the Vault: My Bedside Tables!

There are two pieces of furniture that are, without exception,
always the most difficult for me to source and settle on. The first
is coffee tables. The second is bedside tables. Either the prices
are out of range, or the quality is too crappy, or the style is
wrong, or the dimensions (height, especially!) don’t work with
the couch or the bed. It’s a profound struggle! Exhausting!
Simply untenable! Something must be done!

when I first put my bedroom back together a couple of years
, I stuck a couple little vintage teak side tables next to
the bed while I searched for better ones. I found these on
Craigslist years ago, and they necessitated a very…interesting
trip to a nursing home to procure. That’s neither here nor

On the plus side, they didn’t obscure
the panel detail below the windows
. But that’s about where
the appeal started and ended, because I truly don’t understand
how people don’t NEED storage next to their beds. HOW. I don’t
know if it’s because I aspire to spend all my time in bed and
have everything I need within reach, but I simply don’t
understand where the stuff goes otherwise. I need pens and
pencils next to my bed for late-night sketching and list-making! I
need my crazy pills! Hand lotion! Pot! You see the challenge.

Eventually I got fed up and made my own weird but very versatile
solution that I’ve come to really like, so I wanted to

an IKEA kitchen cabinet
. This makes…4 IKEA kitchen cabinets
in this house, none of which are in my kitchen? The other two are

in the closet serving as the dresser

You won’t see this particular arrangement online, but the
amazing thing about IKEA kitchen cabinets is that everything is
modular, and they now make the
in both the base cabinet depth (24″) and the upper
cabinet depth (15″) if you’re more pressed for space. This has
opened up a world of hackery options. The drawers come in 3
sizes—5″, 10″, and 15″—that you can arrange to your
heart’s content. It’s all so smart.

So here’s alllll it is. The frame is a
15″ high x 15″ deep x 24″ wide cabinet
, which is intended
to hang on the wall. Like I said. It’s all modular. Choose your
own adventure.

For these cabinet frames I got a
5″ drawer
a 10″ drawer
. But you could do three 5″ drawers or
one 15″ drawer

Then I unscrewed the legs from the teak side tables and put the
tops underneath the cabinet frame to keep them a bit off the floor.
This was intended to be an entirely temporary solution, and then I
forgot all about it.

For the tops, I just pried the little rubber feet things off the
bottom of these Crate & Barrel
marble pastry slabs
 and placed them on top. They’re heavy so
they really don’t shift around, but the original intention was to
double-stick velcro them to the cabinet’s top for a more secure
(but easily reversible) assembly.

The handles I got years ago
in Sweden
! I have a ton of them but figured it was better to
use 4 now than none at all until whatever project they get used for
presents itself. Until then I’ll just hoard the rest, as I tend
to do!

That’s it! Obviously you could customize this 10,000 different
ways with different drawer fronts/hardware, wrapping the sides of
the cabinet in wood or another material, doing something else on
the top, adding feet or legs in whatever style you want—I don’t
know your business! They could also be wider or narrower or taller,
too, depending on your bed/sofa situation of course.

The great thing is that because these are really intended for
kitchens, the quality of the drawers and glides is GREAT. IKEA also
makes plenty of interior organizers so you can keep all your little
bedside thingamabobs nice n’ orderly. I can’t stand chaotic
drawers. I would show you the interiors but that feels oddly
personal. Like, we’re friends and all, but I’m not sure I know
you like that. I’m a very private person as you can plainly tell
by my near-decade of blogging in detail about my living spaces.

BTW—how cute is my little macrame plant holder/pot/plant?! It
was handcrafted by one of my favorite local makers, Lail Design. Brad’s work is so
beautiful! The plant is from
—it’s a Hoya Hindu Rope Plant which may or may not
bloom someday, but it seems happy being generally neglected, which
I appreciate in a house plant.

Other than that, not a lot has really changed in the bedroom
since I
installed the faux fireplace back in the spring
! I futz around
with stuff on the mantel sometimes. I picked up this H&M Home linen duvet cover
during the Black Friday sale, which I love! I have one in the “light taupe” as well, and
I’ve been really happy with the quality and how well they wash
and dry. Ordering something in a color called “dark beige” was,
for some reason, extremely exciting and funny to me. I LOVE LOVE
the “dark yellow” color too, but this just isn’t the
house/room for it as much as I wish it were.

I got the linen bathrobe at
the same time, also in dark beige, and much to my delight it’s
the exact same fabric as the duvet cover. Which means when I wear
it in bed, I just look like a floating head with a coupla

I maybe need more adventure in my life.

I dunno. Still gotta paint that door to the nursery. I put up
that tiny oval mirror recently. I found that art above the radiator
at our local consignment shop for like $20 and I dig it. Still
keeping my eye out for a rug…I do miss having a rug in the
bedroom particularly in the winter. It appalls me that I have so
many rugs and none of them fit/work in this room. It feels like it
should not be possible.

Mekko continues to be the most beautiful woman on the planet,
perfect in every way. This is not up for debate.

Bungee is an
absolute menace and I adore him. I’m thrilled to report that
he’s FINALLY coming around to enjoying an extremely close cuddle.
He’s super soft and has a lot of loose skin, so I’m glad to see
his priorities are aligning better with my own. A huge relief,
honestly. I will continue to work on it and keep you updated on our

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From the Vault: My Bedside Tables!