Futuristic prefab home comes with AI assistant

Rendering of prefab tiny homeNestron

A plug-and-play offering with a high-tech bend

Tiny home makers all have a calling card. Whether it’s

pay-as-you-go minimalism
maximum customer convenience
, it helps to know what makes you
stand out in the ever-growing micro home scene. Take Singapore
startup Nestron, who’s
aiming for futuristic charm, with four different models that
embrace automation and AI.

Built for city dwellers looking for more affordable housing
options, Nestron’s models range from a starting price of $30,000
for the 156-square-foot Cube One to $52,000 for the 263-square-foot
Cube Two. There’s also the simpler Legend line, which ranges from
$19,000 to $39,900.

Home interior with curved glass shower.Nestron
Sleek kitchen with built-in furniture

Both Cube models come fully prefabricated and outfitted with
sleek built-in furniture, solar panel roofs, and an AI assistant
named Canny that connects to appliances and will do your bidding.
Curved furniture and integrated wall lighting gives the space a
glowing, Tron-like feel, while light wood floors and clean white
walls make the spaces feel minimalist and new.

Nestron homes, which can be pre-ordered on its website, come fully-built and ready
for move-in, no foundation required.

Living room connected to bedroom and kitchenNestron
Bedroom with wall of windows and yellow paint

Source: FS – All – Architecture 10
Futuristic prefab home comes with AI assistant