How to shop the wicker obsession

Wooden TV stand with woven panels in the front.Target

Rattan and cane and seagrass, oh my!

The thought of wicker furniture might first conjure up basic
patio sets, but these days, home goods made from woven plant
materials are stylishly incorporated all over the home.

As our recent On
story explains,
furniture and decor woven from natural fibers like rattan and
are more fashionable than ever, their natural warmth and
airy feel offering an antidote to the sharp, opaque modernism of
plastic and metal.

Author Rachel del Valle
: “Cane, which can be woven into virtually anything, is
a material that complements: It makes a room look better, more
pulled together, more thoughtful than a simpler, denser material

Ready to bring the joy of wicker into your home? Keep scrolling
for over a dozen superb picks, from chairs and rugs to planters and


Cane and rattan are readily found in all kinds of chairs, where
they’re woven into breezy seat and back panels (which
can be replaced
when broken). But look out for larger accent
pieces too, like a caned TV stand and rattan-frame bar cart.


Whether it’s a rattan planter, bamboo light, or jute rug,
these pieces are easy ways to add just a dash of tropical flair to
your space.


Baskets are some of the most common items woven from plant
fibers, so you can probably find one that matches your precise
style or need.

Source: FS – All – Architecture 10
How to shop the wicker obsession