Memo Admonishes 30 Park Place Residents Not to Be “Less Than Kind” When Asked to Mask Up

A high rise in Manhattan at 30 Park Place, with blue sky in the background and trees framing the photo. Nicole

Some Four Seasons apartment-dwellers have reportedly been giving
the staff a hard time.

The Four Seasons Private Residences at 30 Park Place is one of
the swankiest condo residences downtown. The 82nd-floor,
4,538-square-foot apartment that has claimed to be the highest
terraced penthouse in all of Manhattan was originally
listed at $30 million
. In September, a four-bedroom on the 56th
floor sold for $6.65 million, and a three-bedroom on the 51st floor
sold for $5.45 million, according to city records. But the
international buyers and finance bros who live in these apartments
don’t like being told what to do — especially, say, Mask up,
please! Cover your nose, too — and, judging by a recent memo,
they have been taking it out on the staff.

On September 7, the management sent an email to all residents,
warning them that their access privileges to the 38th-floor gym
would be temporarily revoked if they failed to abide by new COVID
safety protocols. “We have had a couple of instances in the past
week where patrons have had to be reminded by our team of the rules
(especially the Masks and Screening) and the response has been less
than kind,” the email, obtained by Curbed, reads. “I would like
to ask everyone to please be respectful to our team members, and to
each other.”

The email also reminded residents that, due to a
five-person-occupancy limit, personal trainers and guests are not
allowed in the gym. “The team is there for your health and safety
and are responsible for helping to ensure that we are in full
compliance with the current guidelines,” it continues. “We ask
that you please follow them for the benefit of everyone in the
Community. Individuals who continue to disregard the rules may have
their access privileges temporarily removed.”

On Thursday — a few hours after 100 protesters clustered on
the corner of Broadway and Park Place to demand a blanket eviction
moratorium — three residents of 30 Park Place confirmed to Curbed
that they had received the email. All said that most occupants have
been observing mask rules, but one told us on condition of
anonymity that there are still some who outright refuse or wear
them slung under their chins and generally seem to have no
“regard for anyone but themselves.”

“I hadn’t seen anything since they sent the email,” the
resident said. “Then today, I was walking in behind another guy
who wasn’t wearing one, and the doorman basically begged him to
put one on, and he flicked him away dismissively.” Curbed saw
dozens of people enter and exit the building over the course of
about three hours on Thursday, and all of them were masked except
for one, who walked directly into a waiting Town Car.

Source: FS – All – Architecture 10
Memo Admonishes 30 Park Place Residents Not to Be “Less Than
Kind” When Asked to Mask Up