September 16 COVID-19 Test Results

The US is now mostly reporting over 700,000 tests per day. Based on
the experience of other countries, the percent positive needs to be
well under 5% to really push down new infections, so the US still
needs to increase the number of tests per day significantly (or
take actions to push down the number of new infections).

There were 665,622 test results reported over the last 24

There were 40,021 positive tests.

Over 13,000 people have died from COVID in the first half of
September. See the graph on US Daily
Deaths here

COVID-19 Tests per Day

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This data is from the COVID
Tracking Project

The percent positive over the last 24 hours was 6.0% (red

For the status of contact tracing by state, check out

And check out COVID
Exit Strategy
to see how each state is doing.

COVID-19 Positive Tests per Day
second graph shows the 7 day average of positive tests

The dashed line is the June low.

Note that there were very few tests available in March and April,
and many cases were missed (the percent positive was very high –
see first graph). By June, the percent positive had dropped below

If people stay vigilant, the number of cases might drop to the June
low by the end of September – although this seems unlikely now
(that would still be a large number of new cases, but progress).
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September 16 COVID-19 Test Results