Simple modern home is all about the river views

A rectangular house with large glass wall that offers view out to lake in the back.Maxime

Easy-breezy style

Sandwiched between the banks of the Saint Lawrence River, this
house on the island of Saint-Ignace-de-Loyola in Quebec, Canada,
has no choice but to embrace nature. Nathalie Thibodeau
designed the modern home to take advantage of its
waterfront views with open, airy rooms and expansive windows.

The residence is designed as two pavilions that sit side by side
and are separated by a small courtyard. The smaller pavilion is
clad in dark wood slats and houses an artist studio.

Two volumes side by side, separated by small concrete courtyard.Maxime

The larger of the volumes is wrapped in light, stained cedar,
with one corner carved out for the covered front entrance. Inside,
the open-plan living room, dining area, and kitchen all look out to
the rear deck and sweeping river views. A glass wall and terrace
off the other side of the living area maintain sight lines of the
river for a true indoor-outdoor feel.

With cleans lines, white walls, and relatively neutral
furnishings throughout, the home does little to take away from its
natural surroundings. We’d say it got its priorities right.

Dining room with large wooden table and views out to the river.Maxime
Brouillet Living room with stairs leading to second floor.
Maxime Brouillet Bedroom has large windows with river views.
Maxime Brouillet

Source: FS – All – Architecture 10
Simple modern home is all about the river views