Small apartment makes big statement with cobalt curtains

Kitchen with black and pink backsplash separated by blue curtain.Alexey

It’s all about owning your design choices

Walls are irrelevant in this bold apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine.
Local studio Ater
renovated the small residence for a young couple,
transforming its boxy, cramped layout into something much more open
and flexible thanks a resourceful use of curtains.

The architects knocked down most of the walls in the apartment
and replaced them with a series of striking cobalt curtains that
pull double duty as space divider and decor.

In the living room, the monochromatic color palette of white,
gray, and black is interrupted by the rich backdrop of blue and a
blush pink couch; cordoned off is a separate office area where the
owner can mix electronic music.

Living room with pink couch and blue curtain hanging in background.Alexey

The kitchen features built-in white oak veneer cabinetry, a
sharp contrast to a black and pink backsplash. The bedroom is
separated from the rest of the apartment by an actual wall, but
even there, a blue curtain is a prominent feature. It provides a
glamorous backdrop for a walk-in closet that’s lined with mirrors
and some enviable built-in storage.

Bedroom with a bed, wooden desk, and round mirror. Alexey
Yanchenkov Wardrobe surrounded by blue curtains.
Alexey Yanchenkov

Source: FS – All – Architecture 10
Small apartment makes big statement with cobalt curtains