Soak up Hawaii’s natural beauty in this Vladimir Ossipoff midcentury

Exterior of house surrounded by tropical trees.Harcourts

The 1964 residence is big on views and water features

Vladimir Ossipoff,
Hawaii’s legendary modernist architect
, designed over a
thousand projects in the state over his 60-year career, including a
terminal at Honolulu International Airport and
a host of midcentury modern gems

One of those homes will soon
go up for auction
, with a starting bid of a cool $8,000,000.
Built in 1964, the five-bedroom, six-bathroom home in Honolulu
covers some 8,000 square feet, and sits on a lush acre of land
between a shoreline fishpond and a lagoon.

Aerial shot of ranch house next to pond.Harcourts

Like most of Ossipoff’s residences, this home is designed to
take advantage of Hawaii’s natural appeal. The back side of the
house features a series of sliding doors and screens that open the
living room and master bedroom to the backyard and patio.
Ossipoff’s love of lanais, the roofed, open-sided verandas common
all over Hawaii, inspired the indoor-outdoor lounging areas that
are sprinkled throughout the house.

Ossipoff was known for highlighting Hawaii’s best features
into his designs, and this house is no exception. The living room
incorporates stone floors and a small pond that flows from the
outdoor patio to the interior. Meanwhile the master bathroom is
wrapped in large windows, effectively turning the landscape into a
painting you can soak up while you soak in the tub.

Living room with sliding doors opened to back patio.Harcourts
Auctions Master bedroom with door open to back patio.
Harcourts Auctions Opulent master bathroom with large windows.
Harcourts Auctions Outside seating area next to water feature.
Harcourts Auctions Indoor seating area surrounded by windows.
Harcourts Auctions

Source: FS – All – Architecture 10
Soak up Hawaii’s natural beauty in this Vladimir Ossipoff midcentury