Tent-like Japanese house is designed to welcome neighbors

House shaped like a tent glowing at dusk.Isamu

Featuring a large porch for chit-chatting and events

The Hara House stretches along a street in Nagaoka, Japan, in
the shape of a tent. Its steep, white, sloping roof rises into two
pristine points and then travels all the way to the ground, turning
the house into an exaggerated A-frame.

Takeru Shoji
designed the house for a family who wanted a
supplemental dwelling to its main family house that feels modern,
yet engages with its village surroundings. The tent shape allowed
the architects to create ample outdoor space under one peak, where
a large deck opens to the street and beckons neighbors to stop

Covered front porch of house with a peaked roofline. Isamu

”We designed a space where passing neighbors, friends, and
children can easily stop by to chit-chat under the entrance porch,
or workshop meetings and events hosted in the space can spill out
to the land,” the architects
told Dezeen

Inside, the same ethos of openness rules. The dramatic ceilings
echo the tent shape and give an airy feel to the main floor where
the kitchen, living room, and a small bedroom reside. Because the
walls come most of the way to the floor, light comes in through
angled openings and a wall of opaque windows at one end of the
house. A set of ladders lead to two separate loft spaces where
there’s a children’s room and a study—all clad in warm,
glowing wood.

Steep, pointed ceiling clad in wood.Isamu
Murai Man sitting on stool in living room.
Isamu Murai House that looks like a tent.
Isamu Murai

Source: FS – All – Architecture 10
Tent-like Japanese house is designed to welcome neighbors