What Are the Best Love Seats and Small Sofas?

Small white sofa. Photo:

From a striking geometric number to a small, timeless camel
leather couch.

Whether you’re furniture-hunting for a
studio apartment
or looking to fill an empty corner in a larger
living room, a love seat or small
can fulfill the Goldilocksian ideal of the just-right
size. Of course, as with any kind of furniture, there are more
options than you could ever scroll through online, so to hear about
some standout love seats, we questioned
interior designers
(and the home-fashion director of
Bloomingdale’s) on their favorites. Below, everything from a
striking geometric number to a small, timeless camel leather

Gray two-seat sofa.

If you’re looking for something that will fit in well with
mid-century furniture, consider this CB2 love seat, which comes
recommended by Decorist
designer Paris Scott
. “I LOVE this love seat; it’s modern,
sleek, and inviting,” she says. “Its elegant profile has deep
seats and slightly tilted back cushions, making it a great piece
for lounging.” Its narrow legs give this love seat a small
footprint, making it work well in
smaller spaces
, and it is available in a wide range of
upholsteries, from various velvets to more casual knit weaves.

Gray sofa with one wide seat.

A similarly minimalist option comes recommended by Heather
Goerzen, who works in creative and design at
. “When trying to achieve a Scandinavian simplicity, I
tend toward clean lines, soft gray tones, and a solid wood
frame,” Goerzen says. She told us the Nord mixes well with
mid-century and
contemporary pieces

Puffy cream-colored two-seat sofa.

For something a bit cozier, try this apartment sofa from Crate
& Barrel’s collaboration with designer Leanne Ford, whom
Goerzen calls a “design genius.” Goerzen tells us she loves
this small sofa because it’s somehow both “relaxed and
refined” (we agree that those armrest pillows look especially
appealing to flop onto). “It has a certain plushness,” she
says. And it’s a style you probably won’t get sick of anytime
soon: “I’m partial to the white and oyster tones for a more
neutral and timeless aesthetic,” says Goerzen.

Cream one-seat sofa.

For a similar but slightly smaller option, I highly recommend
Crate & Barrel’s Willow chair-and-a-half, which I bought
earlier this month for my studio apartment. At 53 inches wide,
it’s smaller than your typical love seat or apartment
but still has the same cozy, slipcovered vibe as the
Leanne Ford model. The design reminds me a little bit of a dreamy
(but much more expensive)
Rachel Ashwell sofa

Wide beige one-seat sofa.

If you want something a bit more formal, consider this elegant
Keely chair-and-a-half, which was the other small piece I
considered when looking for apartment seating. Ultimately I chose
the Willow because it’s a little more laid-back, but the Keely
was also extremely comfortable when I sat on it in the store and it
has a slightly deeper seat, making it great for curling up — not
to mention its lovely chenille upholstery, which gives it a slight,
appealing air of formality.

Gray loveseat with sloped arms.

Scott suggests a love seat with a sloped profile, which she says
will bring “a soft, feminine, almost dainty silhouette” into
the room. Her favorite is
this one
from Bed Bath & Beyond, which unfortunately is
sold out, but this gray linen option has similarly curved arms.

Dusty pink sofa.

Another curved-arm option is this West Elm parlor sofa, which,
at 60 inches long, is one of the larger options on this list. But
thanks to its sleek profile, it still has a more delicate effect
than your typical couch. “With sloped arms and a curvaceous form,
this love
is true to its name and evokes a traditional, parlorlike
quality and cues sophisticated entertaining,” says Goerzen. “It
comes in a range of tones — everything from crisp white to blush
velvet and rich navy — to suit a variety of styles and

Rounded peach sofa.

“I love this love seat because the combination of the plush
fabric and the curved silhouette feels very luxurious,” says
Decorist designer Kara
. She prefers it in the “nectarine” shade (“Warm
colors and jewel tones are very popular right now,” she says),
which is unfortunately sold out at the moment. It is available in a
particularly warm shade of beige, however, which we think would go
well with just about any color scheme.

Cream rounded sofa.

Goerzen told us about a similarly mod-inspired love seat that,
despite its neutral shade, will add some texture to
your room
. “It feels simultaneously vintage and timeless,”
she says. “The ivory hue makes it an easy complement to any
palette, while the bouclé-like fabric adds texture and
dimension.” Goerzen suggests pairing this love seat with “more
modern, streamlined furniture for a nice contrast.”

Caramel-colored leather loveseat.

A leather love seat could be an easy way to add some warmth to a
room, and Solito suggests this tan option from Bed Bath &
Beyond. She’s a fan of the piece for its deep seats and oversize
cushions, which, she says, make it “the perfect
‘nestle-into-it’ couch.” And the camel color means it won’t
soon go out of style: “The neutral hue of the leather is
timeless,” says Solito.

Golden sofa with black frame.

For something a bit more angular, consider this petite District
Eight sofa, which Decorist designer Rushika
describes as “an absolute designer’s delight.”
It’s easy to see why: “It comes in four absolutely delicious
colors that work in both neutral interiors as well as Pop-y or
maximalist interiors — talk about versatility,” she says. At
just 45 inches wide, it will fit into even the tightest corners
(though with its MoMA-worthy shape, it may be something you want to
position as a focal point in your room). “It is perfect for
literally any space,” says Patel.

Black-and-white patterned sofa.

Another statement piece comes recommended by Kelley Carter,
home-fashion director at Bloomingdale’s. “What’s great about
the Mitchell Gold Bob Williams Mona Sofette is that it has a
beautiful geometric pattern,” she says. “Patterns are often
reserved for the smaller items, but I say go big!” The graphic
pattern “brings energy into the room,” according to Carter.

Source: FS – All – Architecture 10
What Are the Best Love Seats and Small Sofas?